Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dining experience with live grill, freshness and fusion…

I din like Karnataka food to the extent of Andhra food. Especially for all the sugar they put into every dish so generously including sambar, sabji... But then I got introduced to Barbeque nation and forgave Bangalore for all the damage caused to my menu liking… My food was colorful. Lots of greens, reds and yellows.  Got to choose what I wanted on my plate and could pile up as much as my plate could carry. I get to dress it up with what I liked too. Loved the place. Loved the food.

It also brings the concept of a live grill where people can make food on their personal grills embedded in each table...It had both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Barbeque starters in unlimited helpings, a main course buffet, soups, salads, desserts....

Me and brindha successfully finished our veg and non veg starters...Even that was more than enough for our dinner

Thai grilled
Coastal barbeque paneer
Mushroom shallots mango mustard
Veg seek kabab
Aloo mint kabab
Assorted oriental Grilled
Paneer ajwani tikka
Baby potato shallots with mango mustard
Aachari mushroom
Beet root stick
Lebanese grill veg
Paneer malai tikka
Thai potato
Beans galawat
Cajun spice mashroom
Assorted Vietnamese grille
Paneer poshida
Baby potato with lemon olives
Gobhi aachari
Mediterranean mushroom
Indian grill veg
Lebanese chilli garlic potato
Zucchini polenta
Mushroom with mango mustard sauce
Adraki paneer
Assorted Thai grille
Zucchini cottage cheese
Pesto mushroom
Coastal barbeque potato
Hariyali kabab
Chilli Garlic baby Potatoes
Coastal Barbeque Mushroom
Tandoori Bagicha
Paneer aachari
Falafel serve with hamus
Oriental grill
Paneer angara
Caramelized onion with mushroom
Aachri aloo
Beet root steak
Assorted Mediterranean Grill
Baby potatoes with mango mustard sauce
Grilled cottage cheese with walnut sauce
Gulnar kebab
Murgh chutney wala
Mutton gillafi seek
Lebanese chicken
Coastal barbeque fish
Indonesian prawns
Chicken Mushilka
Oriental Grill
Mutton methi seek
Grilled chicken with mustard glaze
Thai fish with mango
Tandoori Prawns
Chicken Shestouk
Mutton kakori kabab
Murgh Zafrani
Thai fish
Mint Prawns
Mutton mughlai seekh
Singaporean chicken Satay
Chicken medallion with pineapple salsa
Mahi abe hayat
Black pepper prawns
Lamb chop with cinnamon sauce
Chicken yakitori
Machli singori
Pesto prawns
Murgh bano kabab
Tunnde ka kabab
Chicken teriyaki
Murgh banjara
Coastal barbeque fish
Thai shrimp cake
Shammi kabab
Chicken satay with peanut sauce
Indonesian fish
Mustard chicken
Jhinga lahsooni
Mediterranean chicken cube
Grill fish with cappers pepper sauce
Chilli garlic prawns
Mutton sheesh kabab
Murgh aanari tikka
Barrah kabab
Murgh achari tikka
Chilli garlic chicken
Mushroom shallot with mango mustard
Australian grilled fish
Indonesian prawns

It was no wonder that before our main course we had an hour rest to consume as much as we can...

Veg :
Veg Korean soup
Tomato basil soup
Potage jacquline soup
Minestrone soup
Tomato shorba
Tomato shorba
Rosemary pumpkin soup
Cream of mushroom
Cream of spinach
Nog-Veg :
Hungarian goulash soup
Lemon grass chicken soup
Smoked chicken soup
Hot & sour chicken soup
Spicy chicken broth
Chicken manchow soup
Ambassador soup
Chicken Manchow

By the time we started our salad it was 3 hrs we spent eating in that restaurant..

Veg :
Sesame potato salad
Tandoori salad
Pasta salad
Cold Cucumber
Raw papaya & peanut salad
Relishes Salad
Greek salad
Zucchini salad
Chana chat
Potato dill cucumber
Spinach & mushroom salad
Pasta in oregano dressing
Cucumber yoghurt
Tossed salad
Raw mango pineapple
Cesar salad
Corn and spinach salad
Mango pineapple relish
Cucumber yoghurt salad
Sesame potatoes salad
Dill cucumber
Peanuts chat
Kimchi salad
Chana chat
Waldorf Salad
Peanut Chat
Spinach & Mushroom salad
Okra salad
Summer salad
Yoghurt apple salad
Sprouted salad
Potato spring onion salad
Garlic pasta salad
Fruit & walnut salad
Pineapple cucumber salad
Beet root salad
American corn salad
Okra salad
Pickled veg salad
Sprout salad
Thai corn salad
Non-Veg :
Sea food salad
Egg & tomato salad
German potato salad
Tabouleh salad
Chicken Hawaii salad
Roasted lamb salad
Pesto pasta
Tossed salad
Chicken tikka salad
Prawn cocktail salad
Lamb jamatale
Chicken coleslaw
Sea food salad
Minced mutton & sprout salad
Chicken tikka salad
Fried egg salad
Sea food salad
Chicken coleslaw salad
Fish salad
Mediterranean Lamb salad
Chicken Hawaii salad
Prawn cocktail
Lamb jamlate (Thai ) salad
Chicken cunacia salad
Chicken chatpata

our main course starts here..

Veg :
Four treasure veg
Pasta in arrabiatta sauce
Paneer hara dhana
Subz gulbahara
Dal -e- dum
Plain rice
Pasta in cilantro sauce
Veg in oyster sauce
Paneer tikka masala
Methi mattur malai
Stair fry Chinese veg
Pasta in spinach sauce
Nargisi kofta curry
Paneer awadhi korma
Red pepper veg
Baked cheese pasta
Kadhai paneer
Aloo khusnuma
Pasta in Neapolitan sauce
Veg in red thai curry
Methi chaman
Baby corn mushroom taka tak
Navratan korma
Paneer jalfrezi
Bistro chicken
Thai Green veg
Pasta in Basilico sauce
Handi vegetable
Paneer siya mirch
Non-veg :
Mutton roganjosh
Fish yellow thai curry
Chicken stroganoff
Chicken dum biryani
Roasted lamb in plum sauce
Grilled fish with mushroom sauce
Murgh aloo Qaliyan
Mutton dum biryani
Murgh begamati
Grilled fish with lemon butter sauce
Roasted lamb in pepper sauce
Mutton dum biryani
Takkooe chicken
Grilled fish with mustard sauce
Nehari gosht
Chicken dum biryani
Burani gosht
Samurai chicken
Grilled fish with bell pepper sauce
Chicken dum biryani
Ginger chilli fish
Jeera murgh
Meat balls in barbeque sauce
Mutton dum biryani
Egg plant in tangy sauce
Fish pla-tom-som
Pudina gosht
Chicken Dum Biryani
Grilled fish with Tahina sauce
Kadahi Murgh
Roast Lamb in Black bean sauce
Mutton Dum biryani
Penne ala fiesolana

Even after spending four hours we still couldn’t resist ourself from mouth watering dessert...

Angoori gulab jamun
Cut fruit
Apple pie
Butter scotch Swiss roll
White Rum balls
Chocolate walnut pudding
Mocha pastry
Pineapple cheese cake
Crunchy slice honey topping
Sugar thread pudding
Vanilla ice cream
Strawberry mousse
Blue berry cheese cake
Chocolate rum balls
Almond banana pie
Black forest pastry
Kiwi soufflé
fruit cake
Mexican pie
Angoori gulab jamun
White American brownie
Choco banana almond merin pie
Strawberry tart
Rambo cream
Mango pastry
Blue berry soufflé
White chocolate almond tart
Walnut brownie
Strawberry cheese cake
Chocolate almond slice
Plain hot pudding

Including tax our buffet cost was 510 each..By the time we finished our dinner I could see my neighbour table guys at a standstill with their starters even after 5 hrs from their start time... :)

Thanks to my lovely friends who took me to Just around Barbeque!!!!!

You will love the place too if you enjoy good food and really don't mind spending money.


  1. Ukandu room potu yosichu typed or sutufied a menu??? Evalo porumaya typed all these :)

    Neway Veg ku konjam that's costly.. Atleast they could have seperate prices..

    "You will love the place too if you enjoy good food and **really** don't mind spending money."

  2. sutified menu from website...but me and brinda had most of all these...

  3. whew... i thought u typed the whole thing down :-O

  4. @hari: i felt lazy to type from menu jus copied from site..